Triathlon Podcasts OATSHeader Few media outlets can claim to change a person’s life immediately.  I’m here to say that these triathlon podcasts will instantly change your life and change it permanently.  Insightful, irreverent, touching, the Octane Athletics Fuel Your Fire Podcast will stamp your ticket to Kona and guarantee placement in the top ten percent of any of your races or your money back.  GUARANTEED.

So listen for entertainment, listen for training advice, put it on for your dogs when you leave the house, they will thank you for it.


John C Harris started the website to describe his personal journey into triathlon.  Since then, the site has grown into a repository of endurance and weight loss information.  John then started the Fat Slow Triathlete podcast to talk about endurance coaching, training advice, and pop culture in general.  John and I have become friends over the last few years and I’ve become a regular on his show.

If you only listen to one podcast, listen to both.