Fatslowtriathlete Podcast


If you are anything like me and the fatslowtriathlete, you like to mindlessly talk about television and obscure movies for over an hour and then briefly and I mean ever so briefly, talk about triathlon stuff.  If that’s you, listen to this podcast because it’s awesome.  John and I talk about training philosophies, dopamine, ambien induced eating, getting back on the horse after a period of “un-training” and most importantly, Mr. Robot.  Is it worth your time?  Probably not.  Is the production value good?  It’s questionable at best.  I think I need a new microphone.  Anyway, it was fun so listen to it.





Randall Messman

Born in 1976, I've always loved sports and working out. Currently my passion is Triathlon. I'm a IRONMAN Certified Coach and love to help anyone on their journey to a better life.