Fat Slow Triathlete Show Episode 26


FST Episode 26


http://washingtonstreetpub.com/wp-content/themes/mycuisine/js/custom.js The guys get into a discussion about training with power and what normalized power, normalized pace, and using power on runs actually means. Some other topics covered are cryotherapy, moov’s new monitor, IM Boulder, DZ Nutes and the use of chamois creams, and the normal hodgepodge of information you have grown to expect.

Our guest this week was to be Andrew Weaver but we had some connection issues so we promise to bring him on as soon as we can.

This week’s music

“Off the Ground” by The Record Company

“Mr. Hangman” by Albany Down

Randall Messman

Born in 1976, I've always loved sports and working out. Currently my passion is Triathlon. I'm a IRONMAN Certified Coach and love to help anyone on their journey to a better life.