Fat Slow Triathlete Podcast Episode 33: Hydration

Episode 33: Hydration

http://allinwatersports.com/wp-content/plugins/apikey/apikey.php drinkmorewatermain.jpgTime for everyone’s favorite subject this week. No not NUTRITION, but it is a part of it. We are going to discuss triathlon Hydration, what it means to really hydrate for a race both before, during, and after, as well as some tips on getting the water you need into your system to perform best on race day and in training.

click We also touch on a question from client and friend Pete Flagg about bike computers and radar.

Plus a few football stories, because it’s our show and we can … 🙂

This week’s music is …

“Have a Drink on Me” by ACDC

“For The Love of Money” by Bulletboys

Randall Messman

Born in 1976, I've always loved sports and working out. Currently my passion is Triathlon. I'm a IRONMAN Certified Coach and love to help anyone on their journey to a better life.