Buying my first triathlon wetsuit I went to Playtri in McKinney, TX today for a bike tune up and to get help Buying my first triathlon wetsuit.

It was awesome.  I called them yesterday and they were nice enough to open the store an hour early.  That’s customer service.

Justin Holmes, Playtri coach and triathlon expert, hooked me up with an awesome bike tune up, a mini bike fit, and tons of free advice.  He also helped me get my first wetsuit.  Not a bad way to spend an hour on a Thursday.  He was nice enough to allow me to record our conversation.  The audio is a little sketchy and my voice is pretty loud and I continually say, “yeah”, “ok”, “right”… So I need to stop doing that when I interview people.  I will post the audio soon.

My first wetsuit!

So I got my first wetsuit today.  I ended up spending $ 285 for a Blue Seventy Reaction.  That’s pretty much list price but considering I got free access to a coach for an hour and a mini bike fit I will gladly pay retail.

Today I also joined the DFW Triclub.  Mainly for their open water swims.  They are fully supported open water swims once a week on Saturday.  It’s $ 25 dollars a month with a $ 30 dollar initiation fee or $ 229 for an annual membership.  I figured I’d go monthly to see how I like it.

I will keep everyone informed about how the first open water swim goes.

I’m going to summarize what Justin had to say about buying a wetsuit.

1.  90% Rule – Buy the type of wetsuit that you will be wearing 90% of the time.  For me in Texas that meant sleeveless.  If you are in Wisconsin you probably want to go with the full.  The great thing about sleeveless is that you can add arm sleeves later on if you want to.  That way you can still show off the tats.

2.  If it’s a wetsuit legal race, wear a wetsuit.

3.  Try it on if you can.  According to the fit guide, I should have purchased a large.  However, I tried on the XL and was informed that the large would be too small.  Otherwise go with a company that has a liberal return policy.  Xterra gives you 30 days to try out a wetsuit and you can return it as long as it’s not ruined of course.

4.  Buy the best gear your budget will allow.

5.  Make sure you get the crotch of the suit up to your crotch.  Don’t have any “webbing” between your legs.

6.  Put your foot in a plastic grocery bag when you are putting the suit on.  It’s a little trick that helps you get into the suit faster.

7.  Wear little cotton gloves when you are putting on the suit so any long fingernails don’t puncture the suit.

8.  Don’t wear the suit in chlorinated water.

9.  Rinse the suit in fresh water and let dry inside out.


I’ve had some good workouts this week.  28 mile bike, 25 mile bike, ten mile run, 5 mile tempo run, and an open water swim tomorrow.  I’m very excited.  I’m one month away from the X-50.  Stoked!



Randall Messman

Born in 1976, I've always loved sports and working out. Currently my passion is Triathlon. I'm a IRONMAN Certified Coach and love to help anyone on their journey to a better life.

One thought on “Buying my first triathlon wetsuit

  • April 7, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    Looks like an awesome store. We have very few “one-stop-shops” for triathlon around here. We kind of have to piece things together from multiple sources.

    A few tips about the wetsuit. ALWAYS put lube around your neck (Body Glide, Vaseline, Aquaphor). During a race, I also lube up my legs so I can strip it off easier. Also, make sure you put your timing chip UNDER the wetsuit. Otherwise, you will never get your leg out of it.

    Good luck and stay on course!

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