Fat Slow Triathlete Podcast: Episode 32 – How to Run Faster

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click In this episode Randy Messman and the great, John C Harris discuss full proof ways to run faster.  Metabolic Efficiency practices are also discussed.  John talks duathlon while Randy talks peaches.  And finally John discusses the benefits of backwards running.  That’s not a typo… backwards running.  I know, absurd.  Give it a listen.  This episode is free.



Books referenced:

80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald

Run Less Run Faster by by Bill Pierce and Scott Murr

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Fat Slow Triathlete Episode 32: Let’s Talk about Running

Randall Messman

Born in 1976, I've always loved sports and working out. Currently my passion is Triathlon. I'm a IRONMAN Certified Coach and love to help anyone on their journey to a better life.